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Outstanding Tattoos



Coming to you from the city of Mississauga with nearly 10 years tattooing experience and decades of drawing experience.

What I Do

I strive to create the best tattoo and tattoo experience for my clients. Whether it be your own design or my own created just for you. 


What our customers are saying

A Maso

I've been getting tattooed for over 15 years and have never gone to the same tattoo artist twice, until I met Rob last year. He had the most open minded and energetic attitude when I told him to be creative. I make sure every artist I see integrates their own artwork into my pieces.

Rob is by far one of the best tattoo artists I have ever had. Great conversation during the over 3 hours process, not heavy handed and pays attention to detail. I have never recommended a tattoo artist to other people as I'm never entirely happy. After getting work done last year, I can't recommend him enough.

I went in today to get my sleeve finished and it's beautiful and practically pain free. Never had that experience before him. I will continue to get my tattoos by him and view him as a huge asset to the business, especially since there are some artists out there who can't draw a straight line 😋

Mellissa Magloughlen

Rob is an incredible artist

Thomas Gizara

 1 photo

One of MANY of Robs awesome tattoos!!!

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